Metro is a community of people passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and using the Gospel to reach the urban community and the world.


Metro Christian Worship Center (MCWC), pioneered by Raphael and Brenda Green along with a team of passionate leaders, began in 1987 as a vision placed inside the heart of Bishop and Pastor Brenda for the St. Louis region and the urban world. This vision aims to equip individuals and families with the relationships and resources to live the highest and best quality of life. MCWC is becoming a multi-ethnic and multi-generational congregation serving in one of St. Louis' most ethnically diverse communities.


Existing with the sole purpose of seeing God glorified in our everyday lives, MCWC strives to become a resource center for our surrounding community, offering a quality of life that can only be provided through Jesus Christ. We are continuously growing, learning more about who God has called us to be as a local church body, and discovering new ways to better serve the communities that God has called us to as individuals and as a church.



Family is extremely important to God, so whether single, married, widowed etc, family is at the core of our everyday lives. We hope to provide resources and godly examples of what God is calling our families to be.

As a church body, we aim to cultivate healthy and whole individuals, who are in turn a part of healthy and whole family units.


The foundation of everything we do here at Metro goes back to the redeeming work of Christ, and the unchanging, spirit-breathed Word of God. All teaching, worship, exhortation, etc. is founded and rooted in the Word of God. God’s Word holds the key and blueprint for all of life’s challenges and journeys.


The Bible instructs us to worship God in “spirit and in truth.” With every single thing we aim to do at Metro, our focal point is offering worship unto God, and creating an atmosphere in which He is exalted above all other things. We are committed to a daily lifestyle of worship through our relationships, our giving, our service, our talents and our adoration.



Community impact is a huge part of our existence in our local neighborhood. Through numerous outreach programs (food pantry, pregnancy resource center, etc.) that aim to address the common challenges found in our community, we have been able to show the love of Christ to those surrounding us. Our communities are changed through action, love, and the power of Christ, and we aim to display just that as we continue to fulfill our purpose as a local church.






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